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If you are using Cialis for the first time, there are certain things you need to know in order to take it safely and effectively. Read on for consumer information regarding the use of Cialis.

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Cialis is a very safe medication that is used by millions of men every day. However, every drug comes with risks. If you are taking Cialis, read on for some precautions and warnings you should follow.

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Cialis FAQ

Anytime you begin using a prescription for the first time, you will likely have some questions or concerns. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the popular erectile dysfunction drug, Cialis.

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Cialis: Not Just for Married Men

When erectile dysfunction medications first hit the market, much of the initial marketing showed a man and woman wearing wedding bands. Whether or not this was intentional, many single men believed ED medications were not for them. Fortunately, this myth has been permanently shattered. The prevalence of erectile dysfunction is the same in both groups. So both married and single men are candidates for ED drugs like Cialis.

Real World

Men of all types develop erectile dysfunction. You certainly do not have to be married or even straight to experience this serious condition. If you do experience erectile dysfunction during sex, you may become embarrassed or angry. ED can lead to performance anxiety, depression, and low self-confidence. And it can cause stress between sexual partners. It does not matter what kind of sexual encounters you prefer. What is important to men is the ability to treat ED as soon as possible.

Physical Treatment

There are several treatment options available to men who experience ED symptoms. The preferred way to treat erectile dysfunction is with ED medications. There are several on the market today. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Cialis is the preferred choice for men who want to be spontaneous. And single men who enjoy temporary sexual encounters appreciate this benefit of the drug. Because it lasts longer, you do not have to put too much planning into sexual activity.

Emotional Support

What goes on in your head can definitely result in ED symptoms or cause the symptoms to persist even if you are using ED medications. So if you want your ED drug to be effective, you need to address any emotional issues you may have that might be the reason you have little interest in sex or are not confident in the bedroom. Single men are just as likely to suffer from low self-esteem issues which can interfere with the effectiveness certain ED treatments. But with a proven drug like Cialis, you are actually more likely to regain your social and sexual confidence.

Other Sexual Problems

Regardless of age, men can experience other sexual problems such as low libido. An impaired sex drive can cause you to be disinterested in sex or unable to feel arousal. It is important to note that if you have this type of sexual issue in addition to ED, taking medications to treat the ED may prove ineffective. A low libido can be caused by medical conditions or certain medications you may be taking to treat those conditions. If you believe you might have another sexual problem, you should let your doctor know so he can decide if taking an ED drug for erectile dysfunction is a good idea or not.

Single men who have erectile dysfunction should consider using Cialis. It is a proven solution that has a high success rate in men with this condition. Because it is safe, easy to use, and lasts longer than other ED drugs, it has become quite popular with single men who may not be in a committed sexual relationship and want to be able to spontaneously engage in sex when the opportunity presents itself.

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